My Personal Experience Living with a Liar

Soon after I was married I started to notice odd things about my husband’s behavior. He wasn’t as attentive or as loving as he was before we married. It was disappointing but I just attributed it to the honeymoon phase wearing away. I thought it would be fine if I ignored it, but soon it became obvious that something just wasn’t right.

He started to come home later and later from work each night and sometimes I was sure I could smell a woman’s fragrance on his clothing. I’d ask him about it but he always had a believable explanation.

Time passed and things didn’t improve. He was spending more and more time on his computer alone at night and disappearing in the evenings claiming that he had to work a lot of overtime. There was no extra income coming in though and when I asked him about it, he said that he was banking his hours instead so he could take more time off.

Then an acquaintance told me that she was sure she saw my husband having lunch with an attractive woman. I asked him about it and he completely denied it. It was then that I knew that I had to get to the bottom of whether or not he was lying to me.

I thought about hiring a private investigator to follow him but once I found out the cost of that, I knew I couldn’t afford it. Instead I started searching online for ways to tell if someone is lying to you. That’s when I found Bust Liars.

Bust Liars is an ebook that essentially turns you into a Human Lie Detector. It gives you all the information you need to tell whether or not someone is lying to you and it lets you do it fast. I used the information soon after reading the ebook and knew, in less than a minute, that my husband was lying right to my face.

Another great thing about Bust Liars is that it also explains in details how you can get the person who is lying to tell the truth. I was able to get my husband to tell me everything and it helped me make the decision to leave.

Here’s a small list of some of the things you’ll discover in Bust Liars:

  • The emotional signs that indicate when someone is not telling the truth.
  • The tricks you can use to get people to tell you things they didn’t want to tell you.
  • The verbal and non verbal clues that indicate when someone is definitely lying to you.
  • How to ask specific questions that will make him or her tell you the truth.

Bust Liars gave me the tools I needed to know whether or not my spouse was lying to me about his affair. Unfortunately, he was lying, but it did help me to decide to move forward in my life without him.

I’ve since used the information in Bust Liars to determine when my children, co-workers and friends are being dishonest. It’s given me more power in my life and it’s helped me determine easily who I can and can’t trust.

If you suspect someone in your life is lying to you, read the book. You deserve to know the truth.

My Personal Rating: 5stars